Pre-conference NACS 2016

“Improving sexual health – the role of physiotherapy”


Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Concert Hall of Heino Eller Music College

Lossi 15, Tartu, Estonia


12.00−12.30 Registration

12.30−12.35 Introduction Dr. Paul Korrovits, NACS President, Estonia

12.35−13.00 Sexual health – a professional challenge for physiotherapists Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden

13.00−13.25 How can physiotherapist guide men to promote their erectile function? Helle Nygaard Gerbild, Denmark

13.25−13.50 Erection and urinary problems after radical prostatectomy and their physiotherapeutical treatment. Johanna Poolamets, Estonia

13.50−14.10 Think – Pair – Share

14.10−14.35 Women with vaginal pain – the role of the physiotherapist. Jette Falck Winding, Denmark

14.35−15.00 Applying the current biopsychosocial model in treating the male patient with chronic pelvic pain. Eeva-Liisa Sibul, Estonia

15.00−15.10 COFFEE BREAK

15.10−15.30 Physiotherapists self-reported knowledge and education regarding meeting LGBTQ-patients. Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden

15.30−15.50 Think – Pair – Share

15.50−16.00 Validity and reliability of the "Sexual Health – Attitude Scale" questionnaire for health care students. Helle Nygaard Gerbild, Denmark & Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden

16.00−16.15 Health care students’ attitudes towards working with sexual health in their professional roles – survey of students at nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy programmes. Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden

16.15−16.40 Sexual health education – experiences, challenges and recommendations for physiotherapists. Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden & Helle Nygaard Gerbild, Denmark

16.40−16.55 Think – Pair – Share

16.55−17.00 Take home message Helle Nygaard Gerbild, Denmark & Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden


Helle Nygaard Gerbild works as assistant professor at the department of Physiotherapy, University College Lillebælt, Denmark. Helle is a physiotherapist, Master in sexology and Master in Heath Science, and she has worked for several years in patients with urological and sexological problems. Her research concerns education and improvement of sexual health.

Kristina Areskoug Josefsson works as an assistant professor at Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, Sweden.  Kristina is a physiotherapist, and she has worked for several years with chronic pain patients. Her research concerns communication, education and improvement of sexual health, especially in the field of rehabilitation.

 Johanna Poolamets works as a physiotherapist in a company Biodesign O, Estonia. Johanna has a Bachelor degree in physiotherapy (Tartu Health Care College, Estonia) and a Bachelor degree in biology (Tartu University, Estonia).  She has gained experience in physiotherapy while working with patients with neurological, gynecological, andrological problems already during her studies as well as now during her work.

Eeva-Liisa Sibul is a physical therapist at Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of Tartu University Hospital, Estonia.  She is working in the field of women`s and men`s health and with chronic pain patients. Her current research concerns male chronic pelvic pain. She is passionate about the physical therapists role in health promotion, patient education and empowerment.

Jette Falck Winding is a Danish physiotherapist and sexologist. She has worked for several years in the area of urology, gynecology and obstetrics. Her experience is obtained partly in Århus Sygehus, partly in her private practice. Her main interest lies within women and men with all kinds of incontinence, pain conditions in the abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor.


Other activites on Thursday, September 22, 2016

10.0015.00 Meeting of the Nordic Forum for Supervisors in Clinical Sexology
Anna Törnquist, licensed psychotherapist/ MSc CBT, will lead a workshop in the NACS supervision group between 10.00 - 15.00.

Lossi 15, Tartu, Estonia, Small meeting room in Heino Eller Tartu Music College

Please ask guidance from the Registration and Information Desk

For registration and forum meeting programme, please contact Knut Hermstad


20.00 Movie night: Queer/Diversity porn film screening 45 min

Discussion lead by Tommi Paalanen 45 min

The event is about body positivity, interpretation of sexuality, removing stigma out of sex and porn. 

Venue: Genialistide Klubi, Lai Str 37, Tartu

Free admission for NACS conference participants




Friday, September 23, 2016

9.00-11.00 NACSAC and NACSES meetings
11.00-12.00 NACS Board meeting
Small meeting rooms in Heino Eller Tartu Music College

10.00-12.00 Registration, coffee
Concert Hall of Heino Eller Tartu Music College, LossiStr. 15, Tartu


12.00-12.10 Opening of the conference Paul Korrovits, NACS President, Estonia
12.10-12.55 LGBTI and human rights Keynote speaker Petra De Sutter, Belgium


12.55-13.55 Session I
“My GP asked me why I don’t want to be a boy any more”. Experiences of LGBT people in the Estonian healthcare system Kadri Aavik, Estonia

Intersex. A postmodern, Christian theological perspective on sex, gender and sexuality Sólveig Anna Bóasdóttir, Iceland


13.55-15.00 LUNCH
Restaurant at The Gunpowder Cellar (Püssirohukelder) - Lossi Str. 28, Tartu


15.00-16.30 Session II

Promotion of sexual health and safety skills of immigrants Riitta Ala-Luhtala, Päivi Hoffren, Finland

Rehabilitation and sexual health in chronic disease Kristina Areskoug Josefsson, Sweden

Simulation as a tool to practice addressing sexuality Maarit Sinisaari-Eskelinen, Finland

Online Master-course: Sexual health and sexuality education Ann-Karin Valle, Gerd Hilde Lunde, Stine Kühle-Hansen, Norway



17.00-18.00 NACS General Assembly



Exhibition Masculine existentialism: Estonian painting from Dr Margus Punab art collection

Venue: Art Gallery Noorus Riia Str. 11, Tartu


Saturday, September 24, 2016

9.00-10.30 Session III

Male victims of sexual violence: trauma in survivors' narratives Christian Veske, Estonia

HLBTIQ asylum seekers in refugee center Jonna Roos, Finland

The impact of sexual violence on health Hedda Lippus, Estonia



11.00-12.35 Session IV

Dilemmata in transgender health care Invited Speaker: Mick van Trotsenburg, The Netherlands

Working with empowerment groups and transgender youth Anders Røyneberg, Norway

“Competent persons who can treat you with competence, as simple as that”. An interview study with transgender people on sexual health Malin Lindroth, Sweden


12.35-13.30 LUNCH

Restaurant at The Gunpowder Cellar (Püssirohukelder) - Lossi Str. 28, Tartu

13.30-15.00 Session V

Do men desire sex more often than women do? Osmo Kontula, Finland

Sexual practices of women in Estonia: some results of the Estonian Women's Health Survey Kai Haldre, Estonia

Kink as mundane and as liminal J. Tuomas Harviainen, Finland



15.45-17.15 Session VI

Exhibition The Age of Sex: Estonian photography from Dr. Margus Punab art collection

Teet Veispak, Estonia

The boy Barbi Pilvre, Estonia

I and me: being and performance of acceptable manhood in post-communist Estonia Christan Veske, Estonia

Visiting the art exhibition

Venue: Tartu Art House, Vanemuise Str. 26, Tartu



Venue: Atlantis Center, Narva mnt 2, Tartu


Sunday, September 25, 2016

9.00-10.30 Session VII

Determinants of positive serostatus disclosure in HIV patients Invited Speaker: Andreas Wismeijer, The Netherlands

Sexual risk taking behavior and sexually transmitted diseases among men in Estonia Stanislav Tjagur, Estonia

People who buy sex - experiences from our project “Health service for people who buy sex“ Anders Røyneberg, Norway


10.30-10.45 COFFEE BREAK

10.45-12.00 Session VIII

Drawing the threat: a study on perceptions of the online pervert among Estonian high school students Maria Murumaa-Mengel, Estonia

Sexual rights of young people: ethical dilemmas Tommi Paalanen, Finland

Closing remarks


12.00-13.00 LUNCH TAKEAWAY


Buses in the parking lot behind Tartu Town Hall