Conference language
The Conference language is English. No translation will be provided.

The venue of the meeting is Tubin Concert Hall of Heino Eller Tartu Music College.
Address: Lossi Street 15, Tartu, Estonia

Registration and Information Desk
The desk is located in the lobby of the the Tubin Concert Hall, on the ground floor of Heino Eller Tartu Music College.

Opening hours:

Sept 22nd 12.00-17.00
Sept 23rd 9.00-18.00
Sept 24th 9.00-16.00
Sept 25th 9.00-13.00

Name badge and conference bag will be handed to registered participants upon arrival. Please contact the Registration and Information Desk with possible questions and concerns.

Participation Certificates will be sent to the participant's email address after the conference. You will be asked to confirm your correct e-mail address at the desk (a separate document will be available for this purpose).

On-site registration
Please note that for on-site registrations, we can only accept cash payments.

Posters will be displayed outside the main conference hall.

Internet access
Free internet access is available in Heino Eller Tartu Music College.

Lunches, coffee breaks

Lunches and coffee breaks during the meeting are included in the registration fee and will take place either in the conference venue or in the Restaurant

The Gunpowder Cellar (Estonian: Püssirohukelder) on the other side of Lossi Street (Lossi Str. 28, Tartu). The venues are indicated in the program.


Getting from Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport to Tartu
There are some express buses which also take passengers from the Tallinn Airport (stop "Tallinna lennujaam" in Estonian) on their way to Tartu (timetable). If you wish to get on the bus at the airport, it is advisable to buy the ticket in advance (online, printing out the ticket yourself).

Other information about getting to Tartu by trains, buses etc. can be found here -


Transfer from Tartu to Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport
Buses from Tartu to Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport start on Sunday, 25th of September at 13.00 from the parking lot behind Tartu Town Hall (100 meters from the conference venue).

Please register on beforehand at the Registration and Information desk if you need the transfer. Transfer is free for registered participants.



Friday, September 23rd, 2016


Art Gallery Noorus, Riia Str. 11, Tartu

Welcome reception will be held in Art Gallery Noorus.

During the reception, snacks and beverages will be served and guests can visit an exhibition from Dr. Margus Punab art collection Masculine existentialism: Estonian painting.



Saturday, September 24th, 2016


Atlantis Center, Narva mnt 2, Tartu

The Gala Dinner will take place in Atlantis entertainment center on the riverside. During the dinner, the guests can enjoy a 3-course menu, beverages and live dance music by Estraadiraadio and Kaire Vilgats.